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Dental hygiene and treatments for gum disease in Halifax

Preventative dentistry—the best dentistry!

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Dental hygiene, at-a-glance:


Relaxed and unhurried visits

Everything you need for a comfortable appointment


Bespoke oral hygiene advice

Empowering you to care for your smile


Keep your smile healthy

Treatments to help you avoid oral disease


Scale and polish

Leave with fresh clean teeth


Deep gum cleanings

Treatments to fight gum disease

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The cost of dental hygiene and gum disease treatment

Scale and polish

Included in first visit

Cleaning by the dentist


Gum treatment

starts at £140 per hour

Included in your treatment cost.

  • x-rays and a cleaning

    Included during your first visit with the dentist

  • Consultation with a dental professional

    Always meet with a dentist or hygienist

  • Home care advice

    Personalised suggestions and recommendations for improved oral health

  • Treatment plan recommendations

    Bespoke treatment suggestions based upon your unique dental health needs

Here at Skircoat Green Dental Practice, we believe that prevention is more important than restoring teeth. Once teeth have been damaged by disease, then restoration is imperative. However, there is no substitute for having in-tact natural teeth. A little prevention can spare you a lot of expense, time and discomfort. 

That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on good oral health practices and preventative hygiene treatments.

Dental hygiene visit

A thorough cleaning will have you well on your way to a sparkling smile.

We offer gentle professional cleaning sessions to remove plaque and tartar that can dull your teeth and foul your breath. If you have stubborn stains from drinking coffee or smoking, then we can treat those with our air polisher.

Professional dental cleanings do much more than simply make your teeth look better, however. First and foremost, regular hygiene appointments will help you prevent gum disease and tooth decay. These cleanings provide you with a clean slate and give you a solid foundation to get your oral hygiene routine off to a good start.

Treatments for gum disease

The term ‘gum disease’ covers a range of conditions that include gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis is superficial and reversible inflammation in the gum tissue. Periodontitis is a more serious inflammatory disease that attacks the bone and ligaments that surround tooth roots. It usually starts out as a case of gingivitis that was left untreated, and if periodontitis is not treated, it can result in tooth loss. 

Both conditions are started by an excess of plaque bacteria in the mouth, and both can be treated or avoided entirely through diligent oral care.

The goal of gum treatment is to remove the plaque and tartar which are propagating the inflammation and give your gums a fresh start. Cleaned tooth roots should allow your gums to heal snugly against your teeth. After your deep cleaning, we may recommend that you visit us for more frequent cleanings and gum health check-ups to make sure the disease does not return.

At Skircoat Green Dental Practice, we have significant experience in treating gum health problems. Our associate dentist Tobias has studied periodontology (the science of gum health) extensively, and he can provide you with valuable treatment insights and recommendations.

Oral hygiene education for a healthier smile

Your oral health is important to the health of your entire body.

Research has shown a connection between gum disease and systemic problems like diabetes, stroke and heart disease. Keeping your mouth healthy will also help you hold on to your natural teeth for many years to come.

We want you to have a healthy smile so that you can enjoy the best quality of life possible. Our team of Halifax dentists, hygienists and dental nurses are all happy to answer your questions on preventing oral disease and we will provide you with tailored recommendations for improving your brushing and flossing techniques.

You are not alone in your quest to create a healthy, pain-free and beautiful smile that you can be confident in. We are here to help! 

Call us or book an appointment online today to get started.

Frequently asked questions about dental check-ups and general dentistry:

  • What are the signs of gum problems?

    You may have some degree of gum disease if you have:

    • Gums that look swollen, puffy, red or rolled at the edges

    • Gums that easily bleed when you try to floss or brush

    • Tender or sensitive gums

    • Chronic bad breath

    • Receded gums

    • Loose teeth

      If you notice any of these signs, contact us right away to schedule a check-up.

    •  Is gum disease reversible?

      The good news is that gum disease is treatable, but the damage it can cause is harder to reverse. You may still have gum recession and some deep pockets around your teeth even after you have had treatment for gum disease. Our experienced dental team will help you explore your options for rebuilding your smile and stabilising your gum tissue.

    • How often should I get my teeth cleaned?

      Most people need a simple scale and polish one to two times per year. If you are prone to decay, gingivitis or developing heavy tartar, then we may recommend that you have your teeth cleaned once every four months.

    • Is gum disease contagious?

      Yes, the bacteria involved in gum disease can be transmitted from one person to another. These bacteria are found in everybody’s mouth, in fact. But there are other factors that determine whether you develop the disease such as your individual immune response, and your ability to remove dental plaque on a daily basis.

      When you visit our team for regular gum health assessments, we can help you to understand your risk of developing gum disease and show you the best ways to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

    • I have soft teeth. How can I prevent cavities?

      Many people believe that their genetics doom them to a lifetime of dental woes. But tooth decay is easier to prevent than you may think, and it has little to do with tooth texture.
      Tooth enamel is actually the hardest substance in your body. However, it is quickly dissolved in the presence of acids and cavity-causing bacteria. By avoiding acidic foods and sugary carbohydrates, you can protect your enamel and prevent the overgrowth of microbes that cause decay.

      Your oral hygiene routine plays an equally important role. Brush your teeth at least twice per day and floss daily to remove the bacterial plaque that forms on your teeth.

      Regular dental check-ups at our Halifax practice will also help you to stay on top of your dental health.

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